Monday, April 26, 2010

Customer Feedback

I have been impressed with the way Radon Controls has addressed my Radon issue.

The first time Radon Controls came out they designed and installed a sub-slab suction system that was very nicely done. Because they noted the air movement beneath my slab was minimal, their design allowed for expansion if needed. And after testing it was determined the system would need to be expanded, so a second sub-slab penetration was also very nicely installed.

However, readings were still high in the basement, so Chris Johnson came out and examined the situation. When he learned there was a closed-in crawl space beneath our front porch and adjacent to the basement, he theorized that the Radon may be entering from that area. Chris took readings in the crawl space and learned the Radon levels were shockingly high. (His readings were substantiated by test kits I had.)

At this point, Chris decided to enhance the existing system to concentrate on two more sup-slab and one in-wall penetration along the wall adjacent to the crawl space. And once again the install was so nicely designed and installed it is only noticeable in one remote area. Chris felt these penetrations would be beneficial and possibly eliminate the need to cover the crawl space. However, as somewhat expected, levels in the basement continued to be high.

Finally, Chris and his team blanketed the crawl space with a polyethylene sheet and sub sheet mitigation system. This system trapped and removed gasses. It drastically dropped the Radon levels in the crawl space and subsequently lowered the levels in the basement to well under the “take action” point.

I believe the difficulty level involved in resolving my Radon issue was well above that of a normal situation. I feel very good about how Radon Controls approached my issue. It took several steps, but each was logically thought out with consideration to which had the best chance of success. It just proved to be a particularly tough situation.

If you have Chris examine your situation, I believe you can be confident he is very knowledgeable in Radon mitigation, studies the situation carefully, goes about testing in a logical and systematic method and will offer solutions that give the greatest chance for success with the least disruption.


Richmond, VA