Friday, September 11, 2009

Found during inspection for real estate transaction......

I did not do this inspection or take this photo. This photo was passed on to me from another radon professional. Can anyone see what is wrong in this photo?

The bad news is this.... These systems were installed by a certified radon mitigator. My first comment upon seeing the photo was "What was this guy thinking?" "He should know better than that." Then a thought of how this guy would give all mitigators a bad name. You can not say enough about experience. The mitigator is fairly new to the field and has not acquired the knowledge yet to install systems properly. You should check the experience on any company/contractor that works at your home. Problem with the above system is that it has condensation traps and will collect large sums of water in the ducting. Causing mold, mildew and premature wear on the blower motor.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Radon Mitigation System Service

Radon Mitigation System Check-Up
Radon Controls is offering a special reduced rate (regularly $90) for our in-home system check of your existing radon mitigation system. Our service includes an inspection of your mechanical device and the air handling system components. We will ensure your system is functioning properly and that all components meet the current standards for the radon mitigation industry.
Modifications to your home may affect the performance of your radon mitigation system. A service check is highly recommended if you have had any of these things done to your home since your radon mitigation system was installed:
· Added on to the existing structure
· Changed or moved your heating /AC unit(s)
· Had the heating/AC system serviced
· Work done inside your crawl space
· Finished or remodeled your basement
Homes with 2 or more foundation types (basement, crawl space, concrete slab) may have elevated radon levels in some portions of the home even when a radon mitigation system has been installed. This could occur if limited testing was done prior to installing the radon mitigation system therefore steering the design of the system to treat only one of the foundation areas of the home, leaving one or more sources of radon entry untreated.
ASTM standards have changed. Be advised the material used for your system exhaust may not meet the current specifications. In the past, aluminum and vinyl downspout was occasionally used. This material can emit radon at the joints and often the improper sizing of these products puts significant backpressure on the fan reducing the life of the motor. Our service check can identify and offer to correct any deficiency in your system to ensure optimal performance per the current standards of the radon mitigation industry. (Most exhaust can be upgraded for $125.00)
Remember to keep you and your family safe, the EPA recommends you test your home for radon at least every 2 years even if you have a radon mitigation system currently installed. This will ensure your radon mitigation system is working properly. (Testing as low as $25.00)
If you would like to schedule a check up of your radon mitigation system or if we can answer any questions you may have, please give us a call.
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