Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Radon and selling your home...

If your home has already been tested for radon, providing your test results to any potential buyer is recommended. It is recommended that you use a certified tester so that reliability of the test results are not questioned.

If your home has not yet been tested for radon, make sure that a radon test is done as soon as possible. If you can, test your home before you put it on the market. This may save you valuable time during a real estate transaction. The test should always be taken in the lowest level of the home which is finished and suitable for occupancy. If your home has additions that are in contact with the ground, test those areas as well. The results of the radon test(s) should then be made available to potential buyers.

If your home has a radon mitigation system have your home tested every two years, per EPA recommendation. Testing to check the effectiveness of the mitigation system ensures safe levels are maintained as well as heads off any questions at the time of a real estate transaction. Maintain those test results and have them available to potential buyers.

In the Richmond area, we recommend Radon Ease for radon testing.


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